About TreSensa®

Creating the world’s first mobile web content delivery ecosystem.

TreSensa (tre.sen.sa) Ancient Latin,Tre for three + Sensa to feel or perceive. TreSensa is about engaging the human senses of sight, sound and touch through mobile games!

To be honest, we just made the name up, plus the domain was available. But seriously…

TreSensa® is a mobile game development and distribution company. Our focus is on the mobile-web through HTML5.

We work with top game studios, media companies, cable networks, social networks, game portals, web portals and brands to support their mobile gaming efforts.

We have one of the markets best performing mobile-web game libraries. We reach millions of players every month, and that, is no joke.


At TreSensa®, our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help you take your game to the next level!

Rakesh Raju

Rakesh Raju - CTO Co-founder and CTO, Rakesh is a software developer…