Looking to acquire high value users for your native app? TreSensa drives pre-qualified installs of your iOS and Android apps using our innovative, HTML5 Playable Ad unit. Delivered as a full-screen mobile interstitial or 300 by 250 ad, users are presented with the opportunity to instantly play your game or experience your app without having to first install your app.

Our approach is unique. We are able to recreate the most engaging elements of your game or app using our HTML5 engine, allowing users to experience game play or your app experience for one to three minutes at retina-display quality with a 60 frames-per-second frame rate. And unlike static display interstitial ads and video ads, TreSensa Playable Ads leverage the interactive nature of games and/or HTML5 to engage and convert users into high lifetime value customers.

In terms of reach and scale, our solution is supported simply with an ad tag (we are not SDK-based).  This means our scalability is vast, as we have direct inventory deals in place with large publishers and tap into the rest programmatically via the major mobile exchanges.

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