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Interactive Ads with TreSensa

Through our platform of ad creation tools and team of experts, harness our industry-leading technology to design, scale, and optimize your best ads yet.

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For Designers

The Mobile Ad Suite is perfect for designers and marketers who want to quickly & easily create high-quality video & playable ads.

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For Game Studios

TreSensa develops bespoke ads that mimic any game within a studio’s portfolio that can be customized for different audiences and goals.

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For Brands & Agencies

Serve interactive & playable ads across TreSensa's DSP for the highest viewability and frequency management.

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We're excited to announce that TreSensa is now part of the Vungle family!

Combined, this partnership brings together TreSensa's mobile ad technology and Vungle's suite of mobile-first products at scale. Though we are now TreSensa by Vungle, our technology and services will continue to be what you know and love.

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The Mobile Ad Suite

Our Industry-Leading Ad Creation Platform Brings Your Creatives to Life

Not Your Average Video Ads

Quickly Turn Your Video Assets Into Interactive Ads

35+ Templates

Choose from a variety of formats including Interactive Video, Video Survey, Casino Games, Puzzle Games, and more.

Video Optimization

Upload video assets of any size and we’ll make sure they meet every ad platform’s file size requirements— all without compromising quality.

Version Unlimited Ads

Prototype, test, iterate & optimize with unlimited ad versioning. 

Data, At Your Fingertips

Industry Leading DSP

Leverage our industry-leading programmatic platform to reach & activate 2B+ consumers globally at scale.

Own Your Data

Collect and leverage first party, user-declared data for advanced targeting, insight into consumer preferences, and to drive marketing spend efficiency.

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