What types of ads can I make?

We have 35+ templates that allow users to create interactive video-focused and playable ads. Choose from a variety of formats including Interactive Video, Video Survey, Casino Games, Puzzle Games, and more.

Do your builders support sound?

Yes! We offer a range of ad templates that support sound such as Interactive Video, Twist Puzzle, and Vertical Shooter.

How can I stay up-to-date on new features?

Check out our blog, or sign up for our newsletters here

Do you support landscape and portrait videos?

Yes! Our tool allows you to crop and optimize videos for both portrait and landscape versions of the creative you build. 

Will you help me make an ad based on my game?
We love working with game studios! We can develop bespoke ads that reproduce any game within your portfolio and we can work to help customize them for different audiences and goals.
I only have video files, can I still make a playable ad?

Yes! We have many templates that are video-focused, including Video Survey, Interactive Video, Video Poll, Scratch Off, and Banner Design. Though these templates use video at the forefront, every builder template allows you to use a video on the end card, where the main CTA is displayed. 

Where can I distribute my creative?

We have over 20 inventory partners including Vungle, Facebook, Liftoff, Snapchat, Beeswax and more! 

I’m a freelance designer, is your tool designer-friendly?

It definitely is! We’ve worked hard to make our platform designer-friendly with no coding required. We’re also always working to add and perfect the best features like automatic video optimization, asset management, specialty effects, easy resizing, and more.

Do you offer a free trial?
We do! We offer a 14-day free trial that gives you complete access to our platform. Love what you’ve made? Sign up with us to publish and distribute your creatives across top apps with guaranteed performance.
Do you support versioning creatives?

We definitely do. You can easily clone your creative and tweak any aspect you want, from the color, sound, and game design to see what performs better.

I’m not a designer and don’t have assets, what can I do?

Not to worry! We have a library of assets that you can use once you’re in the editor. Simply click the “Library” tab to reveal relevant assets for the creative you’re working on.

Can you build a creative for me?

Yes! We’re happy to build a creative for you. If you’re a Game Studio, learn more about how we can make a playable ad for your game here. If you’re a Brand that’s interested in having us create a creative, learn more about that process here

Ok, I’m sold! Where do I start?
We’re so glad to hear it! Feel free to sign up for our free trial to get a feel for the tool and check out some of our case studies, creative templates (like Video Poll or Scratch Off), and Ad Gallery for inspiration.

Need Additional Help?

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