Create Best-in-Class Interactive Ads, Deploy Seamlessly Across your Network.

Quickly craft prototype or production-ready playable & video ads with TreSensa's Mobile Ad Suite. Supercharge sales and differentiate from the competition with an off-the-shelf interactive ad offering.

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Higher Monetization of Inventory

Better monetize your inventory with ads that convert & command higher CPMs.

Deliver Performance

Playable & interactive video ads outperform image & video-only in app ads by 3-5x.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Quickly create, pitch, produce & optimize better performing ads for users & your clients.

10x Increase in Install Rate.

Leading ad network and their client tested TreSensa's interactive video format against a standard video, and a basic playable. Adding relevant interactive features and applying the 'TreSensa Touch' significantly increases install rates.

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