Design, Deliver & Data-Optimize the Most Effective & Innovative Mobile Ads with Ease.

Create more powerful & measurable mobile ads, both video & playable, with TreSensa's #NoCode Mobile Ad Suite. Leverage our industry-leading programmatic platform to reach & activate 2B+ consumers globally at scale.
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For Media Agencies

Global Scale

Fully transparent programmatic access to the broadest set of video & playable supported mobile apps in the world

In-Spec Ads Instantly

Instantly package for upload to Facebook, TikTok, Snap, Google, MoPub, Unity, TapJoy, Vungle & many more, to their exact specs. 

For Creative Agencies

Create without Compromise, or Code

Design high impact & and effective interactive video & playable ads in the time is takes to build a standard ad – no code necessary

Automated Production, 
No More Resizes

Optimize performance, version creative and HTML5 interactivity with ease. Automatically produce all sizes, for all devices, in both vertical & landscape. 

Brand & Media Agency Gain Huge Audience & Viewability Advantage versus Legacy Programmatic Approach.

A leading global consumer goods brand & their media agency challenged their existing programmatic approach in a test against TreSensa's App-First strategy and DSP/DMP platform. 

The goal was to collect 3 million unique AdIDs (viewable by MOAT), in 30 days at a vCPM of $35. The TreSensa tech and approach exceeded the goal within 28 days while the legacy DSP / trading desk approach was unable to accomplish the goal in 3 attempts.