Custom Playable Highlight: Sliding Calculators

Kerryn Gower
23.06.21 03:11 PM Comment(s)

Driving engagement is one of the most important metrics to consider in any mobile marketing campaign. User engagement is highly correlated with overall profitability, and with nearly one third of all media time being spent on mobile this year (eMarketer), it’s more important than ever to capture the attention of your audiences where they’re spending a large amount of their time. 

One of the best ways to drive engagement on mobile is with interactive ads. With interactive ads, such as TreSensa’s custom-built sliding calculators, consumers can engage with a set of questions that will deliver an individualized, more personal answer. With a few quick on-screen motions, users can get answers to quick calculations that deliver relevant information when trying to refinance a home, purchase a vehicle, and more. This type of playable has been proven to engage users across multiple industries and demographics, giving advertisers a highly engaging ad format that easily meets their performance goals. Keep reading to see how Mini Cooper, Bright, and Lendi all utilized the sliding calculators to drive engagement, lift brand awareness, and acquire leads.

Why You Need It

With interactive sliding calculators, both the consumer and the advertiser gain something invaluable. Interactive calculators allow advertisers to pre-qualify users, as they’ve already proved interest through interaction. Furthermore, consumers are primed by the answers, generating a customer who already understands the value of the product, at an individual level, before they’ve even left the ad session. Interactive calculators appeal to mobile users while matching the playful style of a game, cutting out interruption and gaining engagement seamlessly. When users are greeted with tapping, swiping, and game-like interfaces, it’s easy for the user to effortlessly interact given everyone’s mobile familiarity in 2021.

Auto Use Case

MINI worked with TreSensa to build a custom slider that  answered their consumers' most popular question: “How much can I save?” Users were given questions asking about mileage, fuel cost per litre, and miles per gallon - all displayed on a sliding scale they could easily interact with. They were also prompted with annual or monthly payments and petrol or diesel options, resulting in their projected savings. Providing consumers with this desired information created a feeling of personal connection between the brand and user. After the campaign wrapped, MINI saw huge gains in engagement with: a 62.5% engagement rate, a 61.1% completion rate, and a 29.4% click through rate. 

Continue reading to see how the financial industry used the same custom builder format to reach an entirely different demographic while still seeing great results. 

Financial Use Case

Lendi, the Australian online home platform partnered with Facebook and TreSensa to increase brand awareness and show consumers the importance of their platform, especially for those trying to refinance their homes. Refinancing a home is not often easy to do or easily calculated. The sliding calculator changed that by creating a smooth, playful and effective solution. Consumers input the years remaining on their mortgage, the remaining balance, as well as their current interest rate. With a single tap at “discover now”, their personal potential savings were revealed. The financial calculator was memorable, tailored, and resulted in extremely high engagement. It broke the mold and allowed previously wary consumers to engage with vital information in a fun and interactive ad format. After first-round optimization, the finance calculator became a success story. With a 7.8-point lift in brand awareness, 12.4-point lift in ad recall, 20% increase in incremental leads, and 66% decrease in cost per lead from round one to round two. Read more about this campaign here.

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