Instant Playable Highlight: Video Poll

Kerryn Gower
03.06.21 10:59 AM Comment(s)

In this choose-your-own-adventure type of creative, let users tell you what they want to see! Swipe up or down to choose a video according to the presented prompt. 

Keep it fun and casual by asking questions like “Who will win the big game?” Or use questions to your advantage to learn more about your potential customers. Ask something like “Do you own a cat or a dog” and have videos of each, encouraging them to swipe to see the full-screen video playing.

Why You Need It

  • Increase Engagement - Choose your enticing videos and engaging question to encourage users to make their selection by swiping up or down. Giving users something to do, like answering a question and taking an action, rather than having them wait for a clip to be over, is a proven way to increase engagement. 

  • Gain First Party Data - Own the data collected from users for future marketing campaigns and optimize messaging towards users depending on their answers to your questions. 

  • Drive Purchases or App Downloads - Since users are more engaged with an interactive ad, they are more likely to take an action such as redeeming a coupon for your product, visiting your website, or downloading your app.


  • Users Choose their Own Adventure - Our in-ad targeting allows consumers to choose the kind of ad they want to see without relying on previously collected data.

  • Video Optimization - Videos are automatically optimized when uploaded to the asset manager to be lightweight, without compromising quality.

  • Easy Resizing - Resizing assets over and over is a thing of the past. Resize directly in the editor with the touch of a button.

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