New Features & Updates to the Mobile Ad Suite

27.01.21 10:43 AM Comment(s)

The Mobile Ad Suite is getting a makeover!

In the coming days, you may notice in a new look to our Builder Gallery within the Mobile Ad Suite. We will be enhancing the tiles for our ad builders in order to quickly convey the unique benefits of each template, creating a seamless experience for our Mobile Ad Suite users. Can’t find your favorite? Use the search bar to locate it. You can also sort by favorites or filter by category.

In addition to the visual updates, you’ll find more real-world examples showing just how versatile each builder is. For example, these three ads all use the same Field Goal builder for a very different result. Click each phone below to see for yourself.

Feature Updates

Frustration-Free Video Compression
Whether 3MB, 5MB or 10MB, your video assets will now be automatically compressed to meet the file size requirements for each platform your ad is packaged for. 

Previously, upon creating an ad that was too large for the desired app, an error email would be sent and the ad creator would have to resize video assets manually. Now, the Mobile Ad Suite tech will automatically compress and optimize your video and creative assets specifically for the platform you’re distributing to.   

And the best part? We’re using a highly advanced approach to maintain creative quality, and you’ll get an email with a link to the optimized version of the creative so you can see it for yourself and make sure the video compression meets your quality expectations. 
Language No Longer A Barrier

Create one ad and localize the text within it, delivering a single packaged asset that intelligently delivers the correct language based on a user’s language setting on their device.  No need to duplicate, version, and package multiple creatives. Plus you can quickly QA and demo each language using the language selector in the upper right-hand corner of the preview page. Click the phone below to see it in action.

New Particle Effect In Scratch-Off Builder
Add some magic to your scratch-off playables with a shimmer effect as the user moves their finger across the screen to unveil the image. Check it out within the Game Settings section of the Scratch-Off Builder. Click the phone below to see it in action.
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