New Features Added to the Mobile Ad Suite: June 2021 

Kerryn Gower
15.06.21 03:29 PM Comment(s)

At TreSensa, we’re regularly adding new and innovative features to all of our builders to meet the needs of our users and to stay up with current ad formats and trends. Continue reading to learn about the exciting new features that have been added to the Mobile Ad Suite in the last month.

Blurred Background Around Letterbox Area

Add a blurring effect behind videos to add dimension and style. It's a great way of making your videos pop, even if they weren't designed for the dimensions of the device the ad is playing on.

Sound Effects for Interactions 

Add different sound effects to each interaction within your interactive video creatives. This can help emphasize certain actions and add even more engagement within interactive ads. 

Locking Caption Text

This feature creates the ability to lock caption text to a specific video position so when it’s viewed on different devices, such as tablets, the formatting will stay consistent and clean. The example below shows how a video would look without using the locking caption-text feature across devices. As you can see, the caption position changes. This feature is very useful in a situation where caption text should be inside a ‘container’ that’s part of the video. It also auto-positions for any crop setting of the video. Additionally, one of the most useful features of the locked caption text is being able to localize it to different languages.

More Page Filters Added to the Creative Library 

You can now filter by owner and by brand. Either select to view all creatives from all owners on the account, or select the individual to view only their creatives. Filter by specific brands within the overall account for easier navigation within your account. 

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