New Features Added to the Interactive Video Builder 

Kerryn Gower
26.04.21 03:22 PM Comment(s)

Our Interactive Video builder just got better. The TreSensa team is constantly adding new and innovative features to all of our builders to meet the needs of advertisers and users. Continue reading to learn about two exciting feature additions that were recently added to Interactive Video.

Idle Timer

Add a countdown timer, either visible or hidden, to interactive video ads to invoke a sense of urgency for users. The countdown can be customized by changing colors and sizing to make it stand out among the video.

Multi-Tap Interactions with Progress Bar

Create multiple interactions within one video and showcase the user’s progress with a bar over the video. The more the user taps, the more the bar fills until the interaction is complete and the bar is full.

Both of these features are displayed within the creative below. Click the phone to experience the interactive video for yourself!

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