New Features Added to the Mobile Ad Suite: August 2021

Kerryn Gower
04.08.21 11:53 AM Comment(s)

At TreSensa, we’re regularly adding new and innovative features to our builders and platform in order to meet the needs of our users and to stay up with current ad formats and trends. Continue reading to learn about the latest feature that has been added to the Mobile Ad Suite.

Create a New Playable From a Template

A new addition to our 35+ builders, the Create From Template feature allows users to quickly and easily make a playable in no time at all. The design and functionality are pre-loaded so users simply just plug in their assets and go. 

Within a user's Creative Library, there is a new button titled “New Creative from Template+”. By selecting this, a pop-up will appear where users can select their brand and template. There are a variety of templates to choose from within the drop down. After selecting the desired creative, it will begin generating within the Creative Library.

After the playable appears in the Creative Library, select “Actions” to edit and personalize. From here, creatives can be customized with images, logos, and colors. Once the assets have been added, the playable is ready to be launched. 

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