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Best Viewability

TreSensa's proprietary ad serving tech includes unique mobile-first algorithms as well as polite loading protocols that guarantee viewability.

Frequency Management

Achieve high quality CPM through frequency management while serving your ads to the right person at the right time.

Brand Safe

Ads are only shown on brand safe apps that align with your brand’s guidelines.

Higher Quality Engagement

Responsive, full-screen mobile interactive ad experiences that engage and encourage users to take action.

Industry Leading DSP

Leverage our industry-leading programmatic platform to reach & activate 2B+ consumers globally at scale.

Bespoke Creatives to Fit Your Brand

Next-level, high-impact video & interactive ads that are as exciting as they are engaging to audiences.

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Trusted by The Best

"I have been working with Tresensa for a long time now and the work we have done together has got better and better. It started with their excellent off the shelf product and has grown into a complex, custom strategy that we have launched worldwide. On my client in particular we have high buying, safety and performance standards and Tresensa have consistently hit these."
Andrew Spurrier-Dawes
Global Digital Director

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