Grubhub Playable & Promo Delivers New Users

Grubhub snaps up new users with TreSensa playable ad.


Grubhub makes ordering delivery a breeze. With the click of a few buttons, you can get your favorite meal delivered right to your doorstep in no time. And, who better to enjoy their tasty offerings than college students? To reach this demo, Grubhub tapped into the power of playables to deliver a fun, frictionless "unscramble the delivery route" playable ad experience that appealed to college students and the 18-24 demographic. 


Grubhub wanted a way to reach their target demographic, college students aged 18-24, with the goal of encouraging them to download the delivery app and place their first order. The playable ad was the perfect option to reach the goal and present users with a discount off their first order.  


After consumers played - and in many instances replayed - the playable experience, they were offered a promo code for $10 off their first order. Consumers then downloaded the app and created accounts, providing a successful lead gen component to the campaign. The enjoyable gaming experience, combined with the opportunity to immediately install and order, drove incredible results, and Grubhub has since expanded the campaign each year.



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