MARS & MediaCom Gain Huge Audience & Viewability Advantage with TreSensa's App-First Strategy and DSP/DMP Platform

MARS & their media agency, MediaCom, challenged their existing programmatic approach to see great results. 


MARS was looking for a way to acquire more AdIDs and increase their viewability through their existing programmitc approach. By working with MediaCom and TreSensa, a plan was put in action to test against their current strategy to see what performed best and reached their goals in the shortest amount of time.


The goal of the strategy was to collect 3 million unique AdIDs (viewable by MOAT), in 30 days at a vCPM of $35. They also wanted to test the effectiveness of TreSensa's DSP platform compared to their legacy programmatic approach.


The TreSensa tech and approach exceeded the goal within 28 days while the legacy DSP / trading desk approach was unable to accomplish the goal in 3 attempts. The campaign also achieved the following results: 
- 3M Unique AdIDs Acquired 
- 90% Viewability per MOAT
- 1:1 Frequency
- 11 Seconds Average Time Spent



Unique Mobile AdIDs Acquired




11 Seconds

Avg. Time 


"I have been working with Tresensa for a long time now and the work we have done together has got better and better. It started with their excellent off the shelf product and has grown into a complex, custom strategy that we have launched worldwide. On my client in particular we have high buying, safety and performance standards and Tresensa have consistently hit these."

Andrew Spurrier-Dawes
Global Digital Director